Adsense is an excellent kind of monetization for webmaster in the worldwide.

It is not the only program to have advertising for your website or blog, but it is the best and the most improtant way to get money with sponsored links and animated ads.

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Google, designed  Adsense based in a CPC, this means a cost-per-click system that makes money for the webmaster , when somebody or a internet user make clicks on a link in your web site.

Adsense uses the Google AdWords system to show contextual ads on pages of publishers, ads are the most common size, it is 250×250 pixels with text and ads, also it could be animated images or both.

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Orkut is a little thing in comparition to another social networks, if we compared it with Facebook or MySpace is just a very little between giants, but little by little it is becoming very popular between the internet users, on all those who already have a Google account.

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With Orkut you can found friends in a very ease way, very easy way to share information, create links and even participate in communities and discuss on current issues or coordinate an schedule online.Continúa leyendo

When you use Windows Live Hotmail you can to block messages in an easy manner from individual senders of a domain is special.

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However with these tips we can block all the domain but would like to receive more information from someone who is registered in that we site, it can be an excellent tool against to spam or if we don’t like don’t receive notifications of a certain company, etc.

How to Block a Domain in Windows Live Hotmail

If you like block all the e mails from a domain you can done this steps:
First of all you must to select Options | More Options … (Or just if no menu appears) in the toolbar of Windows Live Hotmail.
After that we proceed to the Blocked Senders link under spam.
Then you must click in the option Blocked Senders.
After we have to enter the desired domain name
Click Add to the list>>.

For the people who don’t have clear which is a domain, domain is the name is after the @ (at), so if we can not write receive emails,, billing @ and so on, the mail received at that address will be blocked and deleted directly

This utility is for users of Hotmail email. Minimizer is called Windows Mail, and this program is compatible only with Windows operating systems, which tells you exactly when arrive a mail in your Hotmail account.

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To begin using Windows Mail Minimizer, you must configure it with the info from your Hotmail email account. Complete your email and password and go! When you get a new mail, Windows Mail Minimizer let you know. (Also allowed send emails from the same Windows Mail Minimizer)

Site: Windows Mail Minimizer