Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Fix It is a new tool developed by the creators of  Windows from Microsoft to help users “fix” problems they might encounter while using their programmes. It provides automated responses with the corresponding tips and solutions.

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It is necessary to download the application and double-click on it.  You can fix the most common 300 problems which usually arise in versions like 200, XP, and Vista. The problems you can fix with this programme are those related to the system performance and speed, security, slideshows, internet service, MSN issues, and many other users might run into.

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The Hotmail inbox (Step by step)

After that you had created your hotmail account you can look the access hotmail inbox.
If you don’t have a hotmail e-mail, you can register through

Using the Inbox.

You can sign in your Hotmail account using your email and password. In the past when you can sign you could go directly to your inbox, but now Hotmail show us the advent of social networks, and hotmail offers the preview updates.

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You can go also  to another page you can look a page with the more important about Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, but if you want, you can go directly to your favorite social network.
If you like to go to your inbox, please you must to follow the Hotmail link

Pass to the classical view of a traditional inbox. Read More

The Hotmail`s themes

Like Gmail, Hotmail counts with a Collection of themes to personalize the graphic aspect of our inbox online folder.

A theme is, basically a combination of colours with bright designs, it could have some image regarding something, in summarize, a mere decoration.

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But the idea, is not to focusing on what a theme is, but in enjoying, as that is the essence of the internet 2.0, personalize y going on  personalizing. Read More

How to Share photos from Hotmail Using SkyDrive

Now we can share our photos from a Windows Live Hotmail account using Windows Live Skydrive in a very simple way.

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Our family and friends can watch our photos slide shows from SkyDrive without using space from our Inbox –as you might well know, photos do take up a lot of space.

To share photos on SkyDrive follow these steps:

1. Create a new message.
2. Write your email address and subject.
3. Click on “Photos”, and then on New album in SkyDrive.
4. Select the photos you want to create an album with, and then click on “Open”, and Hotmail will upload and save the photos to SkyDrive.
5. Last write a message, and once you’re done click on “Send”. O mais grande do mundo

The Brazilian version of Hotmail ,,  is one the  most widely used version in Latin America since Brazil is the biggest country there, or as Brazilians like to boast  “O mais grande do mundo”.

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This version is the most popular email service in that country, beating its competitors Gmail and Yahoo which are struggling to dethrone Hotmail, though. is not markedly different in terms of its design compared to other countries’ versions, but it is personalized with contents from that country.