The new Hotmail is implementing a new system to avoid spam, the users with certain ”reputation” can only send a certain amount of mail a day, in the old version anyone could send about 300 emails per day. To remove this limitation you should pay an account plus, and you could send over 300 emails per day.

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An interesting measure although many people will feel a little uncomfortable when you receive or message like this ”You have sent the maximum number of messages in a period of 24 hours.”

How to make to label hotmail it the reputation of their users? We don´t know but Hotmail needs that you use your account to make a profile, if you are a correct user in probably they don´t limit you, if you make spam you will pay.

Websense is a specialized service in the protection of e-mail, and this took us a few tips to have greater security in our accounts of mails that are interesting to consider.

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1. Logoff and window of exposure: Sometimes processes are recorded and just open the URL of the mail, go to your inbox.
2. Don´t fall on social engineering: All days people send thousands of phishing e-mail accounts imitation, social networks and others, to enter your key, but this are completely false.
3. Don´t open attachments dubious: They can send trojans, viruses, or malware.
4. Unify your safety: Try to ensure all with extensive and complex codes written in books and never stored on the computer. (Preserve the book)
5. Update your security: Being updated about new techniques for stealing mail and others.

I hope this guide is very helpful for you and fixtures in your email account.


We hope to don´t have one similar situation! All people don’t like this kind of situation, don´t still your things also to delete your hotmail email account that are more important for the internet users. So we will see what you can do if you steal the mail account.

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If unfortunately you stole the password to your email account you have to be careful with your “other” accounts, and change very quickly it, in case of using it. Because is common if your hotmail mail password are 123456, maybe your other e-mail accounts are the same.

Anyway, and to help you if have won your Hotmail account. I leave you two posts published in this blogs that teach us the steps to follow after losing an email account.