Read, write, send and receive emails now is as easy as when you do it from your PC. In an easy and practic way you can acced to a Mobile interface, allowing your cellphone to become a complete system of emails, calendar, files, photos, videos and social networks.

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How is it possible?

Due to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync` technology the mobile telephone is synchronized with your email account, in this way you will have your inbox data online and also in the mobile telephone.

For example you can write an email in your PC, at the end of your working day, and then when you are going to your house you remember that you didn`t send it, so there is no problema, you can send it or even modify it directly from your cellphone.

How to reach to Hotmail?

Look for the email`s icon in the options or main configurations of your mobile, generally they figure with an icon of Messenger, being this an envelope or something that makes reference to the Mobile e-mail.

Do a click on Windows Live Hotmail

Log in with your Windows Live ID account, if you do not have one you will have to go to to sign in.

Ready, you can just check your email wherever whenever.

You can also do it going directly to this link:

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Incoming terms:

Windows Live Mesh is a new tool from the Windows Live`s aplications package. Mesh is as an extended net,this idea looks for preserve the documents, photos, and more files that we work during the day in the PC.

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In this way Windows Live Mesh can synchronize these files directly from your house to the PC of your office, work or wherever.

You can send easily entire folders with documents, calculus` sheets, photos, even videos and presentations.Continúa leyendo

People of Hotmail is never quiet, they are always trying to bring you the best to let you have the best, for you to have the best email service of the world.

Now, into the innovations there are incorporated new social tools, but before going on we want you to see the comparative chart that show the advantages of Hotmail in front of other services as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail

But first lets see the characteristics in the inbox.

to create subfolders

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

to change the account name

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

to use directions plus

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

to monnitor from the email

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

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to search and insert results without leaving the email

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

Size of the attached files

Hotmail: 25 mb / Gmail: 25 mb / Yahoo: 25 mb

to use many email addresses to log in your account

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

Now we move on comparing the adventages in the social aspect, lets see how well can integrate Hotmail to the social networks and how behave the other services.

to see photos and videos in your email

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

chat in Facebook

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

to send photos through an online album

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

And on seccurity? Many people say that Hotmail is not as safe as Gmail and yahoo, will be it like this?

to use HTTPS to make the email session safer

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: No

to create passwords of only one use

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

to see the reliable senders in your inbox

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: Yes / Yahoo: Yes

to use a reliable equipment to get back your account

Hotmail: Yes / Gmail: No / Yahoo: No

It is to highlight that some of these characteristics are not still available in all regions.

However we clearly see that Hotmail is one of the emails leader in innovation.

It counts with unique security systems,that allow to incorporate easily the social networks even Facebook`s chat. It also allows to have many accounts associated to the same inbox.

Comparative chart between Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. We will discover that Hotmail has more tools and it is safer.

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Hotmail had added one of the best characteristic that a mail could have nowadays, it has to do with filter that only shows the social updates

Like that we could filter in a practic and quick way all the messages that we have in our inbox which are notifications from a social net.

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As an example, commentaries from Facebook, publications on the wall, sheared photographs from My Space, new commentaries in LinkedIn or tweets from Twitter.

How to do it ?
Quite, but quite easy, in the top part of the inbox folder, You will see some links, one of them says “Social Updates”Continúa leyendo

How can we find an e- mail in the Hotmail inbox folder?

When we have a few e-mails in our Hotmail inbox folder, it is very easy to find it. But for people who have hundreds of e-mails a day, owing to work or study activities, it is difficoult to find an e-mail in particular.

Lets imagine the hypothetical sitution that we need all the e-mails sent by a person, in the inbox folder we have hundreds, or thousands of e-mails, and this person has sent us e-mails for months.

How can we do to find these e-mails specifically?

Luckily, Hotmail has a powerful e-mail searcher, that allows us to fin dan email easily.

In the inbox folder, you will see that in the top there is a box that says “search e-mail”, and has a magnifying glass and Bing`s logo.Continúa leyendo