How to solving the problem of Hotmail when you login in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an open source web browser developed by Google, which is constantly update job.

Hotmail also so many times we (the users) stayed in the middle of this war between the different browsers and also the e mail service and also they throw the problem about which have the errors that can not access the service.

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If you use Google Chrome and try to access Windows Live Hotmail and is for som moments disabled the service and also it could be a question of a coding mistake in Sign in Hotmail Log shows you how to solve the problem.

The latest versions of Google Chrome had solved the problem quite well, but Hotmail had recently begun to show a mistake page refuses to open the new e mails.

This was not a particular problem of Hotmail, as Google Chrome elsewhere also showed errors.

The theme is that Google Chrome use some new algorithms that we are very well because it reproduced by all sites there are resolve errors which are returned.

There are still some problems of incompatibility, which can be easily resolved by the following methods:

First of all, you must have the latest version of Google Chrome. You can download it here.

1. First click on the gear icon
2. Then Select Clear the browsing data, also you can do ctrl shift by supr
3. Once you open the box, select the option delete everything, including delete cookies, empty chache and finally erases all information from the delete the button navigation

An alternative solution is make click on the right icon for Chrome, which is on the desktop and there we go to the Properties menu.
We will see many values, but we will focus in this target field line

There will post:

– User-agent = “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1 Safari/525.19”

This is a little hacker trick, Hotmail will create that the request comes from a Mozilla browser, and for this reason it will not be forced to block anything or open the default browser from Microsoft.

Spam in Yahoo Messenger with intelligence test

Trend Micro has detected spam messages to spread through Yahoo Messenger and like a chat with contacts to send a false test of intelligence. If you click, you access a page that have ask you many questions and finally asks for a mobile number to receive the results of the test.

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But the true is that all this is a hook for SMS subscriptions, a think like a what we said yesterday with the software downloads. For U.S. carriers the cost of the messages are between 10 and $ 20 per month.

Why arrive this kind of spam? There are two possible reasons, one is that the user’s computer is infected, the other thing is that your account is being used by a fraudulent service that ever asked the password, such as sites to know “who supports you.”

Remember to use caution when you click on links and use your access data only in the official website or really are safe, if you have any doubt you know you can go through the forum and view.

Google adds Priority mails to Gmail

Google never stops improving its services, in those day present the Priority mail that is a smart service that stand out and ordered the mails to improve our productivity changing the traditional Worden for arrivals.

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This system put first the emails from people who respond on a frequent basis or those that contain key words that the time it are useful. We will have the opportunity to “learn” this tool and this say us if we failure to select a priority email or not.

Google estimates that this news application will reduce up to 30% of the time spent reading emails, and avoid the accidental delay that we have by some emails take up to 48 hours to be read.

Outlook Connector 14: The Program for use your Hotmail Email

There are many programs to manage your email accounts. But I think in particular, to see, check and send email from my Windows Live Hotmail account the best is Outlook Connector 14.

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We will see some features of the program:

* You can send and read emails from Office Live Mail / Windows Live Hotmail.
* Manage contact lists from Windows Live Hotmail.
* WLH can block the spam that arrives in your Hotmail mailbox.
* Manage many accounts from the same program
* … And much more.

If you are interested to try it, then I let you the download links:

Outlook Connector Version 14 to 32-bits or 64-bits