How can we find an e- mail in the Hotmail inbox folder?

When we have a few e-mails in our Hotmail inbox folder, it is very easy to find it. But for people who have hundreds of e-mails a day, owing to work or study activities, it is difficoult to find an e-mail in particular.

Lets imagine the hypothetical sitution that we need all the e-mails sent by a person, in the inbox folder we have hundreds, or thousands of e-mails, and this person has sent us e-mails for months.

How can we do to find these e-mails specifically?

Luckily, Hotmail has a powerful e-mail searcher, that allows us to fin dan email easily.

In the inbox folder, you will see that in the top there is a box that says “search e-mail”, and has a magnifying glass and Bing`s logo.Continúa leyendo

Hotmail has a new service: now you can automatically synch your Hotmail e-mail and all its functions like updates in the calendar, contacts and tasks to your phone using Exchange ActiveSync.  It’s a great upgrade which allows you to stay up-to-date on your phone.

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Whatever change you make on your Hotmail account from your phone, it will be shown on your Hotmail account when accessing to it from a webpage.

The mobile phones supported by Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) are iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch); Nokia N, E, and S series; and Windows Mobile 6.0 or above.
You will need the following information in order to set up this service:
(Username) – Enter your full e-mail address (
(Domain) – Leave blank
SSL – Enabled
Certification – Accept the SSL certificate when  requested.

You can enable the Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks (mail, contacts, calendar) options from here.

Now you can use Windows Live Messenger from any mobile phone, even if it is an old one. You can stay in sync with people that matters to you all day long by sending them text messages.  Inbound SMS are free of charge, and outbound SMS cost the same as a regular text message sent from any mobile phone.

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Click here to start using Windows Live Messenger on your mobile phone. Then sing in to your WLM account and follow the steps indicated.

Now to have all your email`s accounts in only one place is easier than ever.
Imagine you are in the office and you need to use your personal email, or that you are at home enjoying of your family and you need to open the company`s mail, but you have to let open your personal email because you are chatting from the web messenger.

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How complete it is!!!, but nowadays`s life is like this, we can be in the msn, in skype, chatting, uploading photos and sharing everything at the same time.

To make us our day lightly, hotmail help us to save time, for that reason it developed a technology that allows us to see and access to many mail accounts being they from gmail or from Yahoo without the need of loging out our hotmail`s mail.

How can I have more than an account linked to my hotmail?Continúa leyendo

With Hotmail we can create groups through which to send a unique message to everyone on that group without having to send the same email to each and every person.

Today we are going to explain how to create a group:

First we need to login to the Hotmail account.  Once there, we have to locate the Windows Live Logo at the top-left of the page and click  “All Services”,  search the option “Groups” , and click on “Create Group”.

Hotmail will ask the necessary details to create the group, and then we’ll be asked to add the email addresses of the contacts we want in that group and done!

How difficult is to have our inbox ordered!, now with`s help, your inbox will looks much more organized, free and with an interface much easily to use.

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What makes possible this is the incorporation of:

SmartScreen that allows to maintain the spam in the border line and delete and mark suspicious mails.
To see and filter messages in a fast way.
A function of sweeping for the spam.Continúa leyendo