Hotmail does not only offer email service that you think, because also has many others service, for example the ability to download and play online games in their official site. For this reason I present the Hotmail games page to see all the games that are available for download and online entertainment.

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There are a variety of games to enjoy you, including strategy games, logic games, and my favorite game or sport, Chess. On the other hand you can see which games are most downloaded and played, to give you an idea what games you can play.

This service is not related with e-mail, and you don´t need to register in Hotmail, and also don´t need that you log in the game site. Well, no more to say, I leave you the link and you get to play.  Online Mario

Link: Hotmail gaming site

Internet have many dangerous things, that we must overcome to get without problems, there are thousands of viruses, Trojans, Exploits, and others. Don´t pay attention can be result a serious problem.

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Fortunately there are programs like the PWGen that you can create passwords for any online service that we use. The most important is the email. The application is responsible for mixing letters, numbers and symbols, to generate a very safe passwords.

You can download Pwgen for free from their official site.

We have a new extension for Firefox especially for us, the users of Hotmail mail. For news I say you will not need to visit the official MSN site to see your mails.

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Thanks for the Firefox extension that I am introducing you, called Watcher Hotmail, you will can check your E-Mail account from the Mozilla Firefox browser, you will can configure the account to review in each particular time and notifying you each time when the e-mail arrives. (It can be configured to check the mail every 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, and also you can set the notification with a picture or sound that you like.)

Link: Addon Hotmail Watcher