Setting Outlook and Thunderbird Mail Serves Correctly

Not that we are disclosing a big secret or anything like that when we point out that Hotmail email service is one of the easiest to use, and the one which has more features.

It’s also true that most users access the service online, that is from a web page.

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However,  Hotmail can also be accessed to from a desktop app specifically created for this purpose.

Most of you must surely have heard the terms “Outlook” and “Thunderbird”.  These  apps have been created for the same purposes but by different provides to allow users to have total control over their emails in the computers. Read More

How to Register an Email Address Alias in Hotmail

Hotmail has added a new feature to its services: now you can establish an alternate email address or “alias”.

This is a great functionality which allows Hotmail users to conceal their main email address from others in the web.

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How can you create an alias?

It’s actually very simple. Once you’re logged into your email account you have to click on the Inbox Icon> and select the “Create a Hotmail Alias” tab. Then type the alias you want to use in the dialog box. Read More

Hotmail Inbox

The Hotmail Inbox is certainly the main part of our email account.  That’s where we can check the messages received, which are listed according to date and hour by default.

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However, there are other ways in which we can organize them:  according to sender, subject, size, or conversation. Read More

Block Unwanted E-mails

Unwanted e-mails are those mails which the user does not expect or has not asked for.

These mails are commonly known as SPAM.  More often than not, these are ads, or surely there’s a profit motive behind them.

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Nowadays most e-mail servers have an anti-virus in their systems and a filter which allows to spot junk messages.

In Hotmail, these messages are filtered as SPAM, but the Live team has been working with this respect developing new features to improve the system such as Hotmail.

One of the tools not frequently used in Hotmail is the filter for unwanted messages from unknown senders. Read More

Update Your Hotmail Profile

Our Hotmail Profile allows us to share information about ourselves with our Hotmail friends such as date of birth, interests, phone number and other important details. However, we might not want to share certain information with all of our friends.

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That’s why Hotmail provides us with tools to decide who we want to share certain profile details with.

In order to modify our profile information we need to log in on Windows Live Hotmail. Needless to say, we need to have a Hotmail account: username and password.  Once we are logged in, we need to click on PROFILE.

Then we must select “EDIT DETAILS” and modify our information such as Name, Contact information, etc.

Once we are done, we have to save the changes made and our profile information will be updated immediately.