Do you ever ask if you can print an e mail directly from hotmail email inbox?

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In the past, print an email could be an very hard task. The people that have this task more easy are the people who had Outlook

Express or another service like Mozilla Thunderbird becasue both programs have a specific function to print.

But printing from your online inbox of Hotmail was something very hard and complex.

In the past it was common that we help us with an intermediate program like as Notepad or Microsoft Word.Continúa leyendo

Amongst Hotmail’s many features there is one which allows you to customize every detail to turn it into a social email where you can share everything you like with your friends.

Did you know, for instance, that you can suggest songs or artists for your friends to listen to?

Have you read an interesting book and you want to recommend it to your friends?

You can do the same with those movies you loved to watch and you wouldn’t want your friends to miss!

You can do all this from your Profile in the “Preferences” section. There you can add as many recommendations as you want.

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It is a well-known fact that Microsoft free email service has a global site which provides support to users where hundreds of answers to common questions on a wide variety of topics can be found.  It also has tips, useful information, and tutorials.

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The customer support page can be accessed from within Hotmail’s Inbox, but the problem is users are taken away from Hotmail’s page to a new one, instead of having a new browser window opened.Continúa leyendo

How to Solve the Issue

It might seem as if taken from a science fiction script, but it can actually happen –hackers do exist and they can hijack your Hotmail email account to send spam with it.

If you think this is already happening to you, here’s a tutorial on how to tackle the issue from scratch.

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Hackers not only steal accounts for “spamming” purposes, but also for carrying out illegal activities under a false name.  Without wanting it, you might see yourself involved in a crime. It sounds odd, but an email account being hijacked is commonplace.

As you might well know, junk emails are sent to infect computers with a virus.  Most of these emails are false advertisements.Continúa leyendo

Not that we are disclosing a big secret or anything like that when we point out that Hotmail email service is one of the easiest to use, and the one which has more features.

It’s also true that most users access the service online, that is from a web page.

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However,  Hotmail can also be accessed to from a desktop app specifically created for this purpose.

Most of you must surely have heard the terms “Outlook” and “Thunderbird”.  These  apps have been created for the same purposes but by different provides to allow users to have total control over their emails in the computers.Continúa leyendo