How to send a photo with your e-mail Hotmail

We will learn to send a photo with the mail address from Hotmail. It is very easy tutorial, with few steps and very easy to make. After that you can send photos to your friends or distant people in minutes.

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1. First we should log on to Hotmail, and go to the inbox and click in “New

2. Where it say “To” enter the email address of the addressee.

3. Where it says “subject” we put the picture to X Person, which is usually his name. LOL

4. Then we will click on “Add” and followed it, going to “review” and the image we want to send, and when I select it, click “Open“, and well, that photo will be attached to the email you send.

Change Hotmail password

We will explain to you how you can change the password for Hotmail with the previous tutorial where we teach you to create strong passwords, you can modify and make your mail much more safe that the previous e mail.

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All this is explained by a boy in the video that we show you below. We hope this video will be usefull for you, and as soon as you’ve read and seen both tutorials, you make the change, for greater security of your privacy mail.

Set up hotmail on iPod Touch

Since mobile devices are so popular, and Hotmail is one of the most popular and used email addresses in the world. We will learn how to configure in the Ipod Touch. In fact, this is a video tutorial that if you have this iPod Touch, it will make things much easier when you configure your Hotmail account. So we hope will be useful and enjoyable to read and send email from your iPod Touch.

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