Block Unwanted E-mails

Unwanted e-mails are those mails which the user does not expect or has not asked for.

These mails are commonly known as SPAM.  More often than not, these are ads, or surely there’s a profit motive behind them.

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Nowadays most e-mail servers have an anti-virus in their systems and a filter which allows to spot junk messages.

In Hotmail, these messages are filtered as SPAM, but the Live team has been working with this respect developing new features to improve the system such as Hotmail.

One of the tools not frequently used in Hotmail is the filter for unwanted messages from unknown senders.

Unsolicited Mails aim at selling a product or service at a very low price by sending junk mails.

The tools in the web that allow people to detect unwanted mails are called ANTISPAMS. These tools also help eliminate them.

Follow these steps to block unwanted messages in Hotmail:

1.    Log in on your Hotmail account.
2.    Go to your Inbox.
3.    On the left Menu click on “JUNK”.
4.    Then click on the box next to the unwanted mail you want to block.
5.    On the upper menú select  the tab “JUNK” and then “DELETE”.
6.    Now select BLOCK everything.

With these simple instructions, you will stop junk mails cluttering your inbox.

The same steps can be followed in order to block mails from unwanted senders, or made them go directly to the spam folder.

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