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In this article we will give you a tutorial where you can learn to send a secure email as BCC.

If you need to sent an email for example with the acronym CCO and CC or BCC we give you a tips to known, and also why know and how to use.

CC acronym is the acronym in English to Carbon Copy, and meaning carbon copy, and it used to send message and in the past when the messages were sent by telegraph with a paper and and copy with carbon paper, this kind to send messange was so popular , and the people was writting several letters on typewriters.

BCC is the acronym to Blind Carbon Copy and means blind carbon copy, and the translation can be carbon hidden.

If you send for example an e-type DC you are sending an email o menssage to the recipient, and also you have the possibility to send to someone and will be able to see, but first you will see.

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When you can use it?

You can use ti for example when you have to send a message to your work partners and you need that your boss know this e mail and are notified you can use this option CC in the mail of your boss.

You can use BCC when we don’t like that all the people will know your e mail and when you send the e mail to a lot of people.

How to send a BCC e mail  in Hotmail?

First of all we must to put the following adress www.hotmail.com

Then we must go to the option or menu that says To

After that we go to the end when you look a menu that says: Show CC and BCC

Then you must to click there and choose the option that you want.

Remember you can send an email to many recipients if the adress of these e mail are separated by a comma.

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