Always connected, Hotmail and Messenger from the iPhone

For you that love your iPhone and you that are thinking how to do to have Hotmail and Messenger in your telephone,we have the answer.

Wherever it be you just need a connection to Internet, and that is all, it can be a 3G or Wifi connection, it is the one you need to see your Hotmail`s inbox and chat with friends directly with the iPhone.

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From this link you can download Windows Live Messenger for iPhone
Link to Mirosoft`s servers

What can I do with Messenger in my iPhone?

You can look for people, add contacts to your contac`s list.
Touching over a contact you are just opening a window to chat.

You are not going to loose a message, people use to send messages in Messenger when you are not connected, so that when you open the Messenger you could read the message, now keep on being always informed, leaving opened you MSN in the iPhone, you can be in the office, at work, at the collage, in the street, in the park, beach or bus and you will always have your list of contacts within reach to chat.

In the iPhone, you will not loose a thing, you can se directly your friends`s social updates. You can see the news of your Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, LinkedIn and tours friends`s ones.

Follow this link to install Windows Live Social Updates in your iPhone:

Obviously you could access to your Hotmail`s account and you could send an email from your iPhone with no cost.

You are in the park with your couple or in the street and you have seen something interesting and you take a Photo. Yoy do not have to wait to arrive to you house to get ip up to your wall or your Flickr or MySpace account, you can publish it directly and share it with the ones you want to.

Microsoft is like this, now you take a Photo with your iPhone and ready, it coul be already on the Internet to let everybody see it.

To download Windows Live Messenger in your iPhone you can also do it through the App Store of Apple, you just only have to enter and make a search with Windows Live Messenger and it is ready you download it from iTunes.

Hotmail`s advantages from the browser Safari in iPhone

Did you know that to access to Hotmail form the browser Safari of the iPhone have its advantages?

We show you which are them:
You could have a favorite Hotmail`s site with your personal characteristics optimizad, that is to say that you will have a totally personalizad inbox in your iPhone.

You could access quickly with only one link, to the time table calendar, imagine an online diary in such a few seconds.
You could see the emails in HTML code.

Fast search directly from the browser throw the emails and folders.
The surf is much more simple and minimalist due to the touch screen of  iPhone.
And much more.

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