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Windows Live Messenger is one of the most important and popular instant messaging in the world, here will give you some date that you understand why have this leadership this program which have years in the market.

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Windows Live Messenger start as a small application to communicate with users on a LAN net, but now is an important application on all PC`s and can be found in a lot of Smartphones.

The numbers do´t lie

Windows Live Messenger is one of the most used applications inside and outside about the category here.

Since start this application Windows Live connected to over ten million users to Facebook, also recorded 250 million conversations that in the past the users only make it on Facebook, now made in Windows Live.

Services such as Windows Live Messenger connect to 700 000 people per minute.

Windows Live Essentials 2011

This new MSN package will be coming to market pre-installed with a new version OEM of Windows 7 for the next year, the most important idea is that since the PC can take full control of all synchronization applications not only messaging service but in addition another tools such as email, contacts, calendars and more thing like that.

More than 5.2 million Blackberry users using Windows live to connect to instant messaging, while 1.2 million Nokia users do the same activity from this platform.

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