All Messenger protocols

All browsers have protocols that if we enter into a website link, it can interact with a program. That is called Protocol Hander, and one of the most famous is the protocol that allows you send an email, that is, the mailto:

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Another common example is the http:  It say that the document will link to a website.

One characteristic is that in the end have (two points):

So now we look Windows Live Messenger have her own Protocol handers, which allow to interact with it, and his characteristic is that all begin with msnim.

* Msnim: add? Contact = is a hander protocol that create a link which when you clicked adds a contact to Messenger.

* Msnim: chat? Contact = when you do click you open a chat window to chat with the person assigned in the mail.

* Msnim: voice? Contact = allow create a link to start a voice conversation with other WLM user.

* Msnim: video? Contact = create a link when you click in it Start a video call with the contact indicated.

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