All About Hotmail

In some cases you have a lot of questions about Hotmail, for example how it works, how it can be stored, it is truly free?

And also a lot of questions …

For this reason we can do a tutorial with the following information did you know that …?

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On Hotmail for you to enjoy some curious tips.

The Global service of Hotmail has 59 versions, 36 in different languages

It is knowed that there are around 1300 million of accounts, but in some casessome people have  a lot of accounts.

The domain is used by more than 350 million people every month 3000 million of messange is send per day, but an improtat information show us that 1000 million of messages are spam.

About storage, it has to grow very quikly around two petabytes per month, is important know that a petabyte is the same to one million of gigabytes.

Now there are 155 Pb to storage only Hotmail attachments.

We also have to learn that the servers where the information is stored are not centralized, but the informaiton stored is around the world in many places, sometimes there are no updates that come earlier for some countries.

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