Active Views: How does Windows Live Hotmail

Probably in our Windows Live Hotmail email we receive emails from our friends with several links for example photos or videos and in generally we can´t look them before downloading, for this reason exists active views that allows us to see those links without the need open another window. Next I’ll tell you how it works active views in a simple and easy manner.

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Active Views, how it works in Windows Live Hotmail.

In the time that we receive an email that is scanned to verify if it is spam or not, then we select views and the wich show us the preview of these by good links that the program has. For example in the case that we send links from Flickr with the use of active views on our message will be shown the strip of photos in the folder that we are linked. This folder contains information which is previously tested and active views know automatically that this file was allowed by Windows Live Hotmail and then allow to work.

Another of the important think that allow operate of active views correspond to those websites which provide instant information and content that we can to interact, these messages are from mini web sites in our inbox in your inbox from Windows Live Hotmail that in the moment when we open it is as if we visited their web pages but if not done here in the interior of this one will know the information on your browser and you’ve opened the message.

To turn off or on active views you must to do the following steps:

* Log into Windows Live Hotmail
* In the options you need to go to more options
* In the option customize your email you must click in the option set active view.
* If you want to see the previews visits you have to choose always the option shows v previews of photos and videos in the case that you like to activate active view.
* Otherwise, we must select the option hide preview pictures and video.

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