Access Hotmail Help without Closing Hotmail’s Page

It is a well-known fact that Microsoft free email service has a global site which provides support to users where hundreds of answers to common questions on a wide variety of topics can be found.  It also has tips, useful information, and tutorials.

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The customer support page can be accessed from within Hotmail’s Inbox, but the problem is users are taken away from Hotmail’s page to a new one, instead of having a new browser window opened.

It might be argued that this is an error at Microsoft’s end since nowadays new browser windows can be opened in any browser, but the problem is that by clicking on the Help link in Hotmail users are directed to a new URL and the Hotmail Inbox page is closed.

In case you want to access to Hotmail’s customer help page without your Hotmail page being closed you can follow this link: MSN Hotmail Help.

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