A Spammer Can Hijack Your Hotmail Email Account

How to Solve the Issue

It might seem as if taken from a science fiction script, but it can actually happen –hackers do exist and they can hijack your Hotmail email account to send spam with it.

If you think this is already happening to you, here’s a tutorial on how to tackle the issue from scratch.

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Hackers not only steal accounts for “spamming” purposes, but also for carrying out illegal activities under a false name.  Without wanting it, you might see yourself involved in a crime. It sounds odd, but an email account being hijacked is commonplace.

As you might well know, junk emails are sent to infect computers with a virus.  Most of these emails are false advertisements.

Hotmail detects emails considered spam, but the programme is not a hundred percent safe.  As a consequence, junk emails might filter the scan from time to time.  It might also be the case that users do not know how to manage junk emails when they get to their Hotmail email accounts.

In the case of hijacked accounts, it is necessary to inform Microsoft about the problem.

If you happen to notice unusual activities in your account, here’re some tips to help you out.

How can you know whether your account is being used by someone else?

These are the three most common signs:

1.      Emails mysteriously deleted from your Inbox.

2.      Your email contacts have received emails with ads or strange links from you, but you never sent them.

3.      You get reports from Microsoft stating you have sent emails massively, but when you check the Sent items folder nothing shows.
Other signs:

Some of your contacts have been deleted from your contact list.

Your signature is gone.

The filters are not working as they should.
The safe email list has disappeared.

What can you do to recover your account from a spammer?

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, the first thing you need to do is close your browser window and run the following programmes.

-First run Ccleaner.
-Then  Spyboot Search and Destroy– a programme which eliminates spy robots.
-Then run an antivirus software.
In case you don’t have antivirus software, try Microsoft’s antivirus “Windows Security Essentials”: http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/default.aspx
Once the virus and spy files are deleted, change your password.
Go to the Options tab in your Hotmail account Inbox, then to your account and change the password.

You can also change your password from here:


or answer  the Hotmail secret question you’ve selected here:


You must be wondering how things like this happen, right? Well, we are going to give you some tips on how to prevent this from happening again or in case your friends and family need some help in similar situations.

Email accounts are usually hijacked by the same email fraud scam called Phishing. People get a message with a link in it. When they open it, they are asked to provide their Hotmail email account logging details again including password. This is a very old scam, but users are unaware of the fact that there is no need to type this information again in any other URL.

Another way through which accounts are hijacked is via Internet when using an open WiFi service.  Hackers make use of certain platforms and logarithms to access to an email account private information.

This is why we strongly recommend that any Hotmail account opened in a Cybercafe be done using the SSL security feature.

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