5 Tips for one better protection of your Hotmail email account

Websense is a specialized service in the protection of e-mail, and this took us a few tips to have greater security in our accounts of mails that are interesting to consider.

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1. Logoff and window of exposure: Sometimes processes are recorded and just open the URL of the mail, go to your inbox.
2. Don´t fall on social engineering: All days people send thousands of phishing e-mail accounts imitation, social networks and others, to enter your key, but this are completely false.
3. Don´t open attachments dubious: They can send trojans, viruses, or malware.
4. Unify your safety: Try to ensure all with extensive and complex codes written in books and never stored on the computer. (Preserve the book)
5. Update your security: Being updated about new techniques for stealing mail and others.

I hope this guide is very helpful for you and fixtures in your email account.

Source: www.hotmail.com

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