14-year of history with Hotmail

The time is wasting, for all thepeople and all the world, and the applications and software too, we think is ironic, but for more than 13 years who hotmail was born like a service that allowed to send a text message and text from computer to computer with a address that know later like an email address, but in the following article we look more closely the Hotmail history.

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Many people think that hotmail was created by Microsoft, but is not true, Microsoft bought it, Hotmail was born from the hand of Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia two ols ex employees from Apple whom on July 4, 1996 officially showed the brand Hotmail, this project that join them for a while, since both worked in the division of technology by Apple at those time.

The two technicians started with a budget of $ 300 000 dollars and a very, very clear and interesting idea idea, make that two people could communicate throgh the Internet,  in a LAN or MAN net, or if they had firewall or whatever thing, internet should be the tool for send a little text message to two people and also the communication between both.

After a couple of weeks the popularity of HoTMail (this was the original name) grew very queekly and exponentially, for one reason it had attracting the attention of the great company of those years, but in that time someone was creating his empire, it was Bill Gates who does not doubt to use the potential to HoTMail and also put in Microsoft.

$ 400 million of dollars was invest Bill Gates at that time to buy Hotmail, and obviusly this product  is already more than 13 years for Microsoft, but in that time was emerged a competitors like AOL and USA.net.

Windows Live Hotmail

Once Hotmail was a known brand and the Windows side, Microsoft decided to change the original name which now is Windows Live Hotmail, but in the history it has many transformations, in some past years it offering dead services such as Microsoft Network, MSNcom, Expedia and CarPoint.

Now Windows has many packages for example Windows Live Essentials package that includes applications for instant messaging, emails development, protection filters for children, games and more thing like that.

Hotmail VS Heavyweights (Gmail and Yahoo)

Now, Hotmail.com has two enemies or rivals, one of them in the 2006  put him in check , it is Gmail.com mail service from Google that wa very popular because it offering functions much better than Hotmail four years ago.

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