Create Hotmail Account

Create Account Hotmail. Opening your own Hotmail account for using emails it’s really easy, let’s see the steps you should follow.

First of all you can go to Hotmail / Outlook or it is the same thing, you should see the sign in fields, but you want a new account so you scroll down ‘till see the sign up now link, click on it. Let’s see how we can create Hotmail account.

Create Hotmail Account

(See the turotial to register in other services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Facebook

If you want to check some other tutorial to create hotmail account we recommend you do a search on any of the following browsers. Google and Bing



It will take you to a form page you must fill in, write your first and last name, then pick an user name, this could take you a while because there are many user names already in use, you can choose between or, then you have to write other data such as password, region, birth date and gender.

How to Sign Up Hotmail

sign up hotmail mail

create hotmail account

Now you have to type your phone, you should use your real number, why? Well because if you lose your password they may sent you a verification code to that number to recover your account. (Official Site) Sign up Hotmail. (see the video)

Let’s see what all the data to complete from the start:

  • Name and surname: example: Jhon Peterson
  • Username: example:
  • Extension: example: or .com
  • Create a password: example: 43u!”#%$ih3634
  • Country or region. example: Venezuela
  • Post code. example: 7814
  • Date of birth. example: 29 May 1971

It is also important that you complete the following data that are no less important.

  • Country code & Telephone number: these data are necessary for cases where you lose your mail account, and that they can recover
  • Alternative email: to retrieve your account a second option is to have scored an alternative email

Hotmail register

Sign up Hotmail. Also, you should write a real alternate email address for the same reason that the number, if you lose access to your account it could be the only way to get it back, so if you don’t have another email you can use your friend’s or brother’s.

After sorting the captchas (This may actually take a little while) you are ready to click “Create account”, and there you go! You’re now ready to start using your brand new Hotmail account and receiving and sending emails, the page will now redirect you to your inbox; you should have 2-3 new emails from the Hotmail team with tips of how to use your account.

Retrieve a Hotmail Password

Before entering nothing from your browser. When you have entered dale click where it says “Can not access your acount?

Then click where it says I forgot my password and enter your Outlook email. The next step is to choose some of the alternatives that brings you to recover your password Outlook:

1 – Send email
2 – Send a code to your phone
3 – Use your team confidence

If when you registered for the first time entered a valid email (from a friend or family member) you can use that option, and the same if you entered a phone that you may remember and have access. You can try several times.

Sign in Hotmail

Back to access the password Outlook

Finally you just have to access your data and new password to the site Outlook and finally you can access your email. Send messages, read messages that have slopes and enjoy all the benefits that offers mail service.

Remember the following: If you want Login hotmail you can do from

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